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Item 4948C SPEC - Agilent 8453 uv diode array

4948C SPEC

Agilent 8453 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The Agilent 8453 spectrophotometer is a single-beam, microprocessor-controlled, UV-visible spectrophotometer with collimating optics. With its diode-array technology, the spectrophotometer is much faster than comparable conventional instruments—with more precision, more sensitivity and more reproducible results. Accessories include special cell holders, peristaltic pumps, autosampler, a multicell transport, a Peltier temperature control accessory, and valve unit and valve-pump controller. The Agilent 8453 is ideally suited for performing general-purpose spectroscopy tasks in chemical, biochemical or environmental labs.

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4948C SPEC  -   Agilent 8453 uv diode array

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